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Auxilium Peritus Your Projects Delivered

Auxilium Peritus has helped clients to deliver their projects and business improvement programmes for over seven years now. We are a young company but have a proven track record where it counts, with our customers.

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Auxilium offer competitive pricing and flexibility enabling our customers to keep costs low while maximising their business returns. We can support your resource requirements, ramping up when needed and reducing down when the need is not so great.

Take a look at the services we offer and if you would like to know more, please contact us here

Projects are more than simply Tasks, Time, Milestones and Money…

To successfully deliver a project you need more than just a solid plan and objectives, you need people. People who have the same drive and ambition, people who take pride in what they do and why they do it. This is the reason we formed Auxilium Peritus, “Expert Assistance”
Project & Programmes
Auxilium Peritus provide qualified and experienced Project consultants to help you deliver your projects. We can work with you from the conception stage through to final delivery. Managing the full life-cycle or simply covering for short periods while your resources are unavailable.

We can help and guide you through the creation of a PMO, manage your programmes or carry out a detailed portfolio review. Auxilium offer a centralised commutation hub on a project by project basis where stakeholder can see the status of one or more projects at any time. Team members and third parties can participate, see their tasks, create tasks, request and provide feedback on every aspect of the project. For more information please click “See More”
Auxilium Peritus support customers in a number of key business sectors and disciplines. With People who have specific skills and experience in these key sectors you can be sure of getting someone who knows your business, the types of services and requirements your likely to need; key players in this area and in most cases will have managed projects and programmes with many of the keys players previously.
  • Broadcast Television
  • IPTV, OTT and Mobile end-to-end
  • Pre and Post production
  • Telecommunication all areas
  • Billing and CRM System and Solutions
  • Banking and Finance
  • System Integration
Additional Services
New for 2015 Auxilium Peritus has introduced packaged services for non-commercial customers. We do not see why people should be expected to spend large amounts of the their hard earned money on home improvements, extensions, landscaping, installing a swimming pool. Wherever your project, you will benefit from having a professional project manager take care of the details, vetting of suppliers, managing and tracking of deliverables and, should it be necessary addressing disputes.
  • Create Tender documents, requirements definition
  • Review Bids and potential suppliers
  • Financial stability checks
  • Project Planning and Milestone creation
  • Escrow Services
  • Single interface - we deal with the suppliers so you don’t have to.
  • …and much more